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To gain competitive advantage, reduce energy costs and contribute towards

environmental protection, invest now for the future!

1. Up to 70% reduction in electricity costs

In just two years, the cost of electricity has increased by more than 10%. As a business enterprise, you can produce power without additional equipment for a large portion of your electricity demands by using a photovoltaic system. Even when you offset any investment costs, solar energy is much cheaper than electricity from the national grid.

2. Get ahead of the competition for the long-term

You can save on predictable energy costs in the long-term when compared to unpredictable increases in electricity prices.

3. Improve your image

Ensure that your business has a unique ecological position within the market. Below are some examples of how our systems are used:

4. Energy-intensive companies come out on top

Many completed projects show how this can be done. Companies with a vision can be ecological and can save on costs.

5. Recommended

According to the magazine "Markt und Mittelstand", energy efficiency is a must for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and is indispensable!

6. The countdown is on ...

State funding may be significantly reduced in the future! There is speculation about anti-disposal duties on solar panels. Therefore, you should think quickly about investing in solar energy.

7. Interesting?

Alternatively you can rent your roof to us, and receive a guaranteed monthly income from us!

Enjoy freedom from rising electricity costs

From 2012 to 2013, electricity costs have risen on average by over 10%, and the current price of electricity will continue to increase rampantly - according to the Fraunhofer Institute. It is therefore worthwhile, for many reasons, to opt now for a photovoltaic system and to secure freedom in relation to electricity costs.

1. Individual use of electricity relieves you from electricity costs.

As an entrepreneur, you can satisfy your electricity demands by yourself. Every kilowatt-hour generated by your PV system you consume yourself. Even if you take all of the costs associated with a solar power system into consideration, solar power is now cheaper than electricity from the national grid. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to invest in a photovoltaic system and to use the electricity that it generates.


2. Your bonus - Excess electricity is refunded

Electricity that you cannot use yourself is fed into the national grid and refunded under the existing EEG individual user tariffs. Therefore, you save money by generating your own electricity, and you also profit by selling your excess electricity. But be careful! The individual user tariff is reduced each month. The refund price, which is currently set as of the day your system is activated, then remains intact for 20 years. Do not waste any time!!






Invest now for the future.

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