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How does a PV system work?

The photovoltaic system converts solar energy into electrical energy. For industrial use, solar panels are installed using a substructure directly on the roof and electrically interconnected. Therefore, the direct current produced can be fed, while the power with an inverter in "commercial" converts alternating current. Of course we install only certified and state-of-the-art modules. Therefore we ensure an optimal a price / use ratio.

The energy generated by a photovoltaic system is first fed into the home network. Here, the solar energy from electrical devices can be used within the house: which is then called consumption or self-consumption. If more power is available than can be consumed, the excess flows into the national grid. If there is not enough solar power to meet their individual consumption, the required quantity is drawn from the grid.

In order that consumption can be billed with the utility, a special arrangement of the electricity meter is required. The electricity meter records, on the one hand the energy and on the other hand also the power and the reference power supply. The power consumption can be easily calculated by the energy input (productivity) subtracted from the generated energy (PV-counter).

The settlement of individual consumption with the distribution network operator is usually straightforward. It is often created based on the expected supply and consumption values of a credit memo, on which the remuneration, including individual consumption, is already fully charged. On the basis of the credit note the payments are made to the operator. There is an audit carried out at year-end, based on the counter values and adjusted for the assumptions.


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