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Since we offer basically no funding, we encourage you to apply for funding through your bank.

Who can submit applications for solar development program?

Investors, companies, associations and people who know the system technology and are convinced of their investment need at least one natural person to  vouch for the repayment of loans. For the credit decision process, personal contact with the applicant is very important. Therefore only credit applications filed directly by the purchaser can be processed.

What conditions are imposed on the system?

The system consists of certified systems engineering. In particular, the modules are installed technically and correctly and have appropriate certificates. The inverters meet all the relevant standards.  At the time of activation, you need a valid and sufficient network connection approval as well as a claim for compensation according to the currently applicable rate established by the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG).

Where can the systems be built?

The equipment can be rented on its own or for locations that are privately owned or regional / public property.

What percentage of the investment is financed?

Depending on the investment, and the location of the project and applicant’s credit, up to 100% of the net investment costs are funded. The level of funding is determined individually.

What loan terms are available?

The term of the loan can be up to 15 years.

How to refund?

Loans are returned in quarterly constant repayments at falling interest rates. Repayment usually begins in the second year of operation of the system. The advantage of this loan repayment: the total payment cost  is lower due to lower interest rates.

What assurances are given?

The condition of this long-term funding is uninterrupted  operation of the photovoltaic system at the chosen location for the investor. In order to secure the long-term operation, the anchoring of the operator in the premises of the system is carried out by a non-value-reducing easement, which is required specifically for leased rooftop systems alongside any concessional agreements such as a counteractive legal agreement. The easement can be withdrawn both in public and by church land owners. In addition, the system and the energy that it feeds into national grid are both collateral.

What information and documents are required to submit an application?

Economic conditions of the applicant
- Latest productivity tax assessment
- For self-employed: last annual accounts and current economic evaluation
- For employees: proof of salary income

Photovoltaic system
- Detailed listing of the photovoltaic system
- Current and complete excerpt from installation site
- Lease in leased locations

Funding at a glance

Maximum funding

100% of the net investment cost, usually around 80-90%.

Loan maturities  

10 - 15 years, 1 year grace period.

Exceptional Repayments



- No mortgage on your land is required
- Photovoltaic system
- Individual user tariffs
- Submission of a complete application for credit
- Receipt acknowledgement
- Credit check
- Contract shipping
- Signature, returning
- Payout request

Additional "Pre-tax"

An additional funding package called “Pre-tax” is available from 10.000 € VAT .


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