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All photovoltaic insurance must include a comprehensive risk policy. As we do not we offer any basic insurance payment, we recommend that you take out insurance via your entrusted insurance provider. This is the first time we have put the following information together for you:

The following elements for example should be covered and insured:

- theft
- operator error, clumsiness, negligence, mishandling,
- circuit induction, short circuit
- fire, lightning, explosion or implosion
- glow, smoulder, etc.
- water, moisture, flooding
- third party intent, sabotage
- vandalism
- unrest (e.g. public order offences)
- Force majeure (for example elemental forces of nature)
- storms and hail
- frost
- snow
- construction, material or design relates errors
- martens / animal bites

The list of insured risks can never be exhaustive.

These elements cannot be insured:

- intent of the policyholder or representatives
- events of war and nuclear energy
- wear and tear
- operational wear and tear, corrosion, deposition
- existing defects and warranty-related damages

What is covered comprehensively?

All functionally relevant parts are insured. These are for example:

- modules
- inverter
- productivity counter and reference details
- surge protection devices
- cabling
- installation framework, attaching devices
- power display
- remote monitoring
- transformers, fencing
- backup systems
- etc.

Loss of earnings

Insured loss of revenue is a result of an insured loss. The detention period is 6 months. The detention time is the contractually agreed period of time for which the insurer is liable, after the occurrence of property damage causing loss of operating profit and the ongoing costs. This is very important and should not be shorter than 12 months for fire, storm and hail damage.

Which deductible (SB) applies

The deductible totals are based on the net investment of the photovoltaic system. There is a SB for damages to the PV system and a temporal total in terms of days for the loss of earnings.

What you get in case of damage

Case of total loss: All of our concepts are insurance replacement value, i.e. you are compensated for a comparable new system.

In case of partial damage: here the cost of repair will be covered to restore it to its original state.

What is insured?

Building contents coverage
Coverage begins before the actual set-up of the system with the arrival of the insured property from which the policyholder bears the risk and this includes the installation within a period of 8 weeks. The coverage during this construction phase is limited to the completion and set-up including the risks of fire, theft, storm and hail. It is advisable to take out your policy so that it comes into effect shortly before the installation of the photovoltaic system.

Internal operating damage of electronic components
The Insurer will also compensate for electronic components (inverters, etc.) of the PV system when the damage is shown to be due to the action of an insured peril from the outside. Even a loss of earnings as a result of internal operating loss is insured.

Uninstalling and reinstallation costs
Insurance also covers any uninstalling and reinstallation which occurs, regardless of any insured loss to the system caused by damage to property (fire, storm, hail, etc.), and this must be on the roof, on which the insured item has been installed

Work-related damage to roofs and facades
Insurance also includes damage-related repair work on roofs or facades that have become liable to pay compensation as a result of damage to the insured photovoltaic installation necessary.

Technical progress
The insurer reimburses the cost of replacing the current successor generation of the insured property when they can no longer be manufactured or replaced due to technological progress.


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