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Create roof areas for convenient parking and produce electricity

Our carport systems are optimised so that existing parking can be exploited as much as possible, and then use the other as large roof areas for power generation. In our carport, small precast concrete foundations that provide adequate impact protection are used. This ensures minimal modifications to the entire parking lot surface. The use of the parking is not restricted. This system is optimised over years. Optical quality and stability are guaranteed on virtually any surface.

Planning the installation carport

Before we start with the construction, you get a 3D plan. Through this you can see in detail how the project will look when completed.

Example: carport system Sparkasse Bad Tolz




Parking canopy
Foundations: Concrete foundation
Depth: Depends on the option selected

Many extensions are possible - Talk to us!

- Effective drainage systems
- Lighting - Optional advertising space
- Available in all RAL colours
- Charging station for electric cars


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