Bavaria’s major photovoltaic specialist

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We implement major ideas and have significant goals.

Energy is consumed throughout the world. However, the supply networks are not developed to the level which is required everywhere. First of all, there are developing countries with a weakly developed infrastructure. There are still areas in others industrialised countries where electricity and / or water supplies either do not exist or have become unstable as a result of their geographical location. However, remote areas can also use clean solar energy - thanks to remote systems produced by S-Tech Energie GmbH.

As an international photovoltaic specialist, we have already successfully implemented a range of demanding solar systems, including industry-specific solutions, and many other remote, industrial and regional projects.

One of our priorities is to advance our planning and efficiency-oriented implementation. Our self-sufficient supply units ensure that energy is distributed anywhere it’s required - in the form of eco-friendly and future-proof solar power. In the future, S-Tech Energie GmbH will continue to operate at the highest level of quality and has therefore committed to a competence of leadership in the photovoltaic industry as one of its targets. S-Tech Energie GmbH is subject to normal patterns of prolonged growth within this industry. The resulting ever-increasing numbers mean that we can continuously improve our value for money, and we can pass on these benefit to our customers on a 50/50 basis. Our company continues to rely on the expansion of qualified teams of staff. By increasing synergies, we are able to safeguard the future markets of tomorrow. S-tech solar energy works in contrast to specialist companies, which predominantly install small systems and related components entirely via wholesalers, and directly with various leading manufacturers of inverters and solar modules. This position ensures favourable prices. Beyond that, we can offer customised system solutions for any application by combining various products. S-Tech Energie GmbH designs, constructs and finances photovoltaic systems with its partners for both the individual homeowner, as well as for entire photovoltaic parks and is able to offer its clients the best advice, and of course the most state-of-the-art development.

In many fields, our goal is to become a pioneer and be among the best in the industry from a technological perspective. We focus on the construction of photovoltaic systems using high-quality, durable and yield-optimised designs. With optimal and detailed planning and design of the systems, we can guarantee maximum system technology and financial returns. We are convinced in advance of the quality of new products. Only after we carry out intensive testing do we then offer new products.

If you are planning something major in terms of energy, then S-Tech Energie GmbH is the right partner. Our high quality standards and our in-depth expertise help create a solid foundation for your successful project.


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