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Inverter - robust and powerful

A solar system is only as good as its inverter. It is the manager of the facility and is a key element in delivering your current productivity.

S-Tech Energie GmbH have PV projects worldwide, equipped with high-class products and comprehensive and flexible system solutions. We support your project with world class support and service. Solar power systems of the 3 kW - system up to two-digit megawatt range benefit from S-Tech Energie GmbH expertise and experience. Throughout the life of the PV project reduced system, installation and maintenance costs guarantee maximum investment security and profitability coupled with higher energy yields.

Central inverter solution:
For system configurations, a compact inverter configuration outside the inverter in combination with the transformer station is ideal. Intelligent network management functions, the cooling system and the centrally integrated string failure detection reduce system costs.

The outdoor concept makes investments in concrete stations unnecessary and reduces transportation and installation costs. In imposing stress tests, the devices have proven their high quality in adverse climate conditions and environmental hazards and bring to the world maximum yields.

Decentralised inverter solution:
Of particular note here are the high efficiency and a significantly lower specific price. Decentralised inverters are the ideal solution for PV power systems with distributed system architecture. This provides a considerable reduction of the investment costs, guaranteeing efficiency but also exceptionally high yields.

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