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The right solar module for each product

Quality, performance, stability and high module efficiency are the key criteria for inclusion in our product portfolio. We rely on manufacturers with the highest production standards.

Photovoltaic systems pave the way for long-term quality: firstly, the investment pays for itself. On the other hand, the system is able to produce high levels of profitability both over the entire period of amortization and beyond.

The most stringent quality standards are our own.

S-Tech Energie GmbH only introduces products into its portfolio only if extensive quality checks have been carried out and passed. The product approval process includes:

- The examination of technical aspects (such as electrical and mechanical properties)
- The collection and analysis of all certificates (TUV, IEC, UL, etc.)
- Short-and long-term tests for the load and the low-light performance
- Testing the system cost and system compatibility
- Open-ended electroluminescence measurement by independent institutes

We also consider economic aspects, such as credit, business concept and capacities of the supplier. We perform factory inspections and check the conditions of the warranty and funding options.
All these measures mean that only the best components from top manufacturers are allowed into our portfolio.

Key Features
- Min. 10 years product warranty (materials and labour)
- 25-year linear performance guarantee
- Only positive power tolerance: +3%
- Various certifications (TUV, IEC, UL, CE, ISO, etc.)

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