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In safe hands

A photovoltaic system is very low maintenance and performs its service in general for many years without any major problems. However, you should consider some things to keep it that way. It starts with the purchase. Investing in high-quality solar modules usually pays off. The difference may show maybe "only" in a slightly better performance compared to inferior brands. However, you should consider how complex and expensive it can be to replace or repair faulty modules in difficult-to-access locations such as the roof. Modern solar generators are designed so that they can deliver 20 or 30 years performance. The inverter life experience, however, is a lot shorter. Although the development departments of the manufacturers also provide for steady progress, a really high-quality inverter should be used. Quality inverters reduce operating costs.

Your own inspection of the photovoltaic system and preventive measures

There's not much to do. Check your system on a regular basis. In the solar generator, which is usually installed onto the roof, there is an adequate random visual control unit. Observe to find out if the modules are covered, shaded or soiled, as this would have a significant influence on the yield. However, particular contaminants are rare, because the solar panels become as good as clean from the rain and from their individual inclinations. If it becomes considerably dirty once sold, you'd better leave the cleaning to a security expert, particularly where the solar panels are difficult to access. You should also regularly check the output values ​​of the system at regular intervals and record these details. They provide comparisons for the data in the set-up of the system and the previous performance history, and early indications of possible malfunctions. Especially with regards to the increasing age of the system, you should provide the records showing whether or not the individual components remain fully functional.

Professional maintenance of the photovoltaic system

To extend the life of your PV system, you should from time to time appoint an expert for a detailed system maintenance. At what intervals this happens depends on factors such as your budget and security requirements. Every three to five years, the components should be subject to at least one critical assessment. Among other elements, a professional maintenance should review whether:

  • the solar panels and the solar generator have damage and the associated elements and the site itself remain fixed or stable
  • the cables, fuses and protective elements show any wear and tear
  • the logged-on operator performance information indicating potential sources of error correspond to those of the initial system
  • the meter and the inverter or the mains feed are in good working order.

With our technicians, we provide professional service throughout the entire operating life of the system. Trained service technicians guarantee short and effective response times and best current productivity in case of disturbances.

Our range of services also includes remote monitoring and troubleshooting, maintenance and repair work and module cleaning and inspections.

So we create the conditions for the high reliability of your system.

More than 1,000 clients rely on our professional service.

We ensure minimal operational costs and maximum returns.


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