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S-Tech Energie GmbH offers maximum flexibility in terms of collaboration to support you competently in all projects around the topic Green Energy. Opportunities for collaboration include:

Purchase of a PV system

We calculate your PV or solar energy system to your individual needs with the latest computer technology and orient to the local conditions:

- Orientation of the building
- Roof slope
- Power supply
- Select the module technology

We use these and many other factors to optimise the design of your system and to calculate costs economically.

These aspects are particularly interesting also for owners of businesses. Here the electricity costs can be reduced in some cases by up to 70%. Similarly, open space systems can be built on arable land under certain conditions. Here, however, the size should be several hundred kW. The exact requirements for this are set out in the EEG (Renewable Energy Act).

In addition to special requirements in agriculture, KfW provides investment in solar power systems with loan conditions below base interest rates. We can help you with the necessary applications in relation to this. This is subject to personal guarantees of the debt ratio remaining between 70% and 100%.

Renting out your roof areas

Whether you are the owner of a house, an equestrian centre, a sports hall, an agricultural or a commercial hall, you can make use of S-Tech Energie GmbH’s yield facilities!

Rent. Install. Collect.

Rental fees are paid BEFORE arrival, no ifs, ands or buts! For a term of 20 years you will receive complete rental productivity prior to set-up.

Here is an example calculation for a hall with a size of 12 x 42 m: the area used for the solar modules in our sample calculation is 12 x 42 m. This gives a total area of ​​504 m². You would receive an annual rental payment from us for your sunroof from EUR 1.000. This corresponds to 20 years of additional productivity of € 20.000, for your wallet.

You do not have your own roof? You can still benefit with S-Tech Energie GmbH. Simply use the opportunity with our company to rent out an ideal surface. We take care of the rest.  Invest safely in the future with a 20-year guaranteed payment by the EEG (Renewable Energy Act) with 0% rate fluctuation. A safe return!

Design of PV parks with us

Profit from our experience! Planning, approval, implementation - all from one source. Your design is based on an assessment of local circumstances and detailed planning by our experienced team. Our range is as follows: Starting with the installation of the fastening system on the application of solar modules, to installation, the connection of the electrical components and the creation of the network connection.


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