Bavaria’s major photovoltaic specialist

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We know what we’re talking about because of our experience.

You, as the customer, will benefit from over 25 years worth of practical experience in electrical engineering.

With the execution of a large number of already completed projects in the fields of roofing, open space, and carport systems, we distinguish ourselves as the photovoltaic specialist. With our expertise, we can develop and implement electrical solutions both quickly and smoothly.

You can bank on the best technology and components. The rate of innovation in photovoltaic technology is fast-paced. Therefore, you should choose a partner who acts independently and who therefore selects the best products available on the market and solutions which work for you. At S-Tech Energie GmbH, there is no "standard solution". We configure the selected quality components as part of a fully coherent, complete and customised solution.

There are some questions which require clarification beforehand:

- Which components provide the maximum long-term value for money?
- How accurately are the standard test conditions measured in terms of performance?
- Which inverter is harmonised with which modules?
- Which installation system is quick to use, but is also robust and sustainable in the long term?

One thing is for sure: With “off the shelf“ solar systems, valuable energy potential is squandered. This can sometimes be a costly mistake.


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