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Over 1000 satisfied customers rely on our expertise.

S-Tech Energie GmbH stands for experience and quality in product and service. In the planning and installation of photovoltaic systems, we work with the utmost precision and the highest quality available.

We ensure a long-lasting, profit-oriented design, which allows for maximum use of system-specific and therefore maximum financial returns. For years,  we have built photovoltaic systems of different designs and we make systematic evaluations of the extensive measurement results before operation.

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On the basis of several test projects, we have a large database of common types of modules, inverters and installation systems. We anticipate market trends, develop global technology-specific collaborations and are always up-to-date for S-Tech Energie GmbH and its customers including the current, long-term and uninterrupted data series on top of our facilities. We cater to regional characteristics and demands and develop flexible solutions that meet the specific requirements perfectly.

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