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Cleaning module

Increase the efficiency of your modules.

A clear view of increasing the efficiency of your photovoltaic modules by up to a whopping 20 percent. Thoroughly removes dirt from your modules, without burdening the environment.

Let the pure sun on your modules and ensure maximum energy!

On first inspection, the modules appear clean, but on  closer inspection you can see that every system is more or less dirty!

Whether caused by moss, algae, bird droppings, sticky pollen, surrounding agriculture, nearby roads (emissions), stable ventilation system (ammonia), or chimney soot - these deposits are particularly aggressive and can create an invisible coating, which will minimise the overall performance of your system!

Previously it was assumed that a natural cleaning of the solar generator would be sufficient through rain and snow and therefore no cleaning was necessary. User reviews of system operators and numerous studies have shown, however, exactly the opposite: Because even the slightest contamination of an investment can lower the yield by up to 20%. Smallest dirt particles facilitate the settling of further deposits and cause systems to turn on later in the morning and off earlier at night.

By the way: there is no hard and fast rule about how often you have to clean the system. This depends on the location and the associated individual environmental influences. Especially in the winter months,  the solar panels suffer from the most pollution, so this  blocks the natural solar radiation on the panels.

The trick is to select the correct cleaning method. Therefore, we have been involved in close consultation with the leading manufacturers of solar modules and have put the most advanced cleaning technology into practice. We work with platforms, ladders and special extra-long cleaning lances specifically equipped with rotating soft brushes which will allow us with to provide a limescale-free clean, without using any additional dangerous chemicals.

Therefore we guarantee a gentle but efficient cleaning module without polluting the environment!

Your benefits at a glance:

See for yourself,  S-Tech Energie GmbH can increase the efficiency of your photovoltaic modules using a highly advanced cleaning module:

- The cleaning method is tailored to your module
- You do not even clean your modules. The cleaning is done by our photovoltaic professionals
- Efficient cleaning, without harming the environment
- Increase efficiency by up to 20%


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