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Your future as a successful model - with S-Tech Energie GmbH

S-Tech Energie GmbH has completed over 1000 projects as one of the largest photovoltaic specialists Bavaria. For many years we have the unconditional right to delight our customers and offer them the best professional expertise and exceptional service. At S-Tech Energie GmbH, our people are passionate about the goal of getting better. A prudent management and a highly dedicated team are the foundation and guarantee for continued success. This makes for above-average position and growth in the industry. S-Tech Energie GmbH is a reliable partner for its customers and its employees.

We are currently seeking:

- Master Electrician / in

- Electrician / in

- Construction Manager / in

- Clerk / in

- Representatives / in


If you want to be part of our successful team, we look forward to your application. Please send it by post to:

S-Tech Energie GmbH
Gewerbestraße 7
84543 Winhöring

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