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Solar radiation

Our sun provides for more than 4 million years free energy to the Earth. For effective use, this would be enough to meet the current energy needs of the world. In Germany, the sun produces per year between 800 kWh and 1250 kWh of electricity per year to 1 kW of installed capacity. This corresponds to a yield of 7 kW installed capacity of 5600 kWh to 8750 kWh. A 4-person household consumes about 4,500 kWh on average. For 1 kW-rated power you need about 7 m² worth of roof area. By using modern simulation software, we can calculate exactly how much electricity you can generate on your roof.

Sonneneinstrahlung Deutschland

Energy provided by a solar power system has seasonal differences: about 3/4 is produced in the summer months and 1/4 of the total annual productivity during the winter.


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