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Parks - solar power systems

Over 1,000 satisfied customers rely on our expertise.

S-Tech Energie GmbH stands for experience and quality in both our products and service. With the planning and installation of photovoltaic systems, we act with the utmost precision and utilize the highest quality available.

We ensure a long-lasting, profit-focused design, which allows for maximum system-specific use, and therefore provides maximum financial returns. For years, we have been building photovoltaic systems of different designs and making systematic evaluations of the extensive measurement results prior to operation.

On the basis of several test projects, we have a large database of common types of modules, inverters and installation systems. We anticipate market trends, enter into global technology-specific collaborations, and always adopt a state-of-the-art approach. S-Tech Energie GmbH and its customers can count on a proven track record of real profitsconsistent data to attribute high levels of productivity to our systems. We cater to regional characteristics and develop flexible solutions, which meet specific requirements perfectly.

The magic triangle of the three factors for a successful solar park.

We ensure that your projects are profitable.


1. Location analysis for open spaces

The location and feasibility analysis is conducted by our experienced engineers and system experts. Our investigation of the subsoil is carried out to ensure that the proposed framework is securely anchored within a project, even if it has different basic qualities.

Analysis of the geographical conditions

- assessment of soil quality
- recording of obstacles and items creating shade
- testing of accessibility and necessary pathways
- identification of potential entry point

Investigation of the subsoil

- analysis of the soil sample with stress testing
- adjustment of static frame and system optimisation

2. Location analysis for roof areas

Our aim is to incorporate the maximum amount of power at optimised costs within the area which is available. Key factors are the status, orientation, and the loading capacity of the roof area.

Analysis of the geographical conditions
- examination of the roof orientation, roof pitch, and shading for the assessing the situation of radiation
- accessibility testing
- clarification of the potential entry point and the technical connection conditions

Static inspection of the roof area

- assessment of the condition of the roof in relation to the roof structure and occupancy
- assessment of static detected on-site (building and roof construction)

3. Occupancy and system design

With profit-related simulations, we maximise the system layout by deploying a comprehensive customised solution in accordance with client parameters.

Initial occupancy and initial system design
- development of residential variants
- creation of interconnection with component selection
- determining the overall performance of the network connection request
- creating of a cost estimate

Successful simulation
- simulation of potential productivity on the planned area
- simulation of productivity for system variants

Supporting the approval process based on the occupancy schedule

- creation of CAD drawings
- forming approaches
- deciding on a course of protective measures
- planning for compensatory measures
- delivery of system statics of the frame work for technical clarification of the network connection
- planning for the connection concept and its implementation


1. Finalising the design and quotation

After approval of the solar power system, our engineers carry will carry out some final fine-tuning.

System optimisation
- preparation of the final design concept, detailed system design
- selection of the installation system, the modules & inverters
- determining the final split system and cabling
- creating the final execution plan and quotations
- preparing the legally binding tender on the basis of the agreed scope of services

2. Tender and supplier selection

Based on our experience-based project standards, we ensure that all of the trades involved in the consultation process provide the required quality.

- production of service specifications (LV's)
- negotiation with partners and contractual obligations of subcontracting parties.

3. Milestone planning and project monitoring

Regular milestone reports provide you, as the client, with various monitoring possibilities regarding the condition, progress and quality of the technical realisation of the project at any stage.

- preparation of construction schedule
- determining acceptance regulations
- management of partial acceptance and creating action lists

4. Construction site management

Each project is overseen by an expert construction manager during the construction phase. They ensure the best quality and that delivery schedules are honoured. Due to our extensive experience, we can identify areas which require fine tuning early on in the process.

Elements of site management
- monitoring the works
- construction supervision and ongoing quality management
- reporting on the progress of construction
- management of partial acceptance and creating action lists

5. Set-up and handover of the turnkey system

In order to complete the construction phase, we work alongside the customer as part of the acceptance process, during which the reliability of the system will be both established and documented.

Electro-sided measurement of system
- DC-side measurements of module strings, generator connection boxes,
generator junction boxes and inverters in the fields of current, voltage and insulation resistance
- measurement of AC circuit current and voltage
- protocol via grounding and equipotential bonding

Acceptance of the system by the customer
- acceptance of certain trade organisations
- trade-specific test operations according to customer requirements
- handover of comprehensive documentation


1. Technical management

At this moment in time, various photovoltaic systems in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy are monitored by the technical management team. Our remote monitoring ensures a permanent real time target comparison of system performance. In cases of failure, we check the system and create a troubleshooting log via the RDT. If an on-site troubleshooting device is required, then our service technicians who are deployed throughout Europe will be able to incorporate this into the system.

Technical facility management
- for a profitable and long service life of the system

Incident management
- for the highest achievable levels of system availability

Data and information management
- to provide both a transparent and comprehensive picture

Engineering and consultancy

- for ensuring the best possible system configuration

Administration handover
- to remove such tasks from the operator

System maintenance
- for maximising yields, and a maintaining a tidy appearance of the PV system

2. Commercial management

For optimal operation of the equipment, our experts represent our clients across all industries from banks, energy suppliers, manufacturers, land owners and other contractors. We assume full responsibility for commercial administration and handle the bureaucratic processes.

Financial accounting
- for the timely preparation of financial statements

- for the optimal supply of information to shareholders

- for monitoring efficiency and output control levels

Cash management
- for a transparent financial overview

S-Tech Energie GmbH management

Due to declining levels of compensation for electricity fed into the national grid, the administration and maintenance of power systems used to generate electricity from renewable sources needs to become increasingly competitive.

Even if existing funding programs also allow high returns without an efficient system support as was previously the case, yields will be placed under increasing pressure. Power systems from renewable sources must therefore be conducted in a professional manner in order to keep their electricity costs competitive with traditional sources of energy.

This requires a new holistic approach towards both management and maintenance. The operator must not only ensure the basic function of the system, but must also incorporate power systems throughout the entire life cycle. S-Tech Energie GmbH is, therefore, your exclusive point of contact: from the technical and economic assessment of acquisitions and throughout the entire management process, including system tuning and repowering, right through to sales or system decommissioning.

S-Tech Energie - your productivity focused partners for all of Europe!

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