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Private - Energy for the home

We calculate your PV or solar system to your individual needs by using the latest computer- based technology. We focus on the local conditions: building orientation, roof inclinations, power connections and selecting the type of module. We use these and many other factors to maximise the design of your system and to provide an economical calculation.

Energie für das Heim

Solar power does pay off! Reduce your electricity costs by up to 70%.

Enjoy freedom from rising electricity costs

From 2012 to 2013, electricity costs have risen on average by over 10%, and the price of electricity will continue to increase rampantly. It is therefore worthwhile, for many reasons, to decide now on a PV system, and to secure freedom from escalating electricity costs. Also, as the owner of a PV system, you are now able to maximise your own electricity consumption up to 70% with an energy management program.

Reduzieren Sie Ihre Stromkosten um bis zu 70%

Individual power relieves you of electricity costs

As a homeowner, you can satisfy 30% of your own electricity demands with only the PV system. Every kilowatt-hour generated by your PV system, you consume yourself. Even if you take all of the costs associated with a solar power system into consideration, solar power is now cheaper than electricity from the national grid. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to invest in a PV system and to use the electricity that it generates.

Your bonus: Excess electricity is refunded

Electricity which you cannot use yourself is fed into the national grid and refunded under the existing EEG individual user tariffs. Therefore the savings in terms of electricity costs also return a profit. But be careful! You must be quick if you want to avoid squandering any money. The individual user tariff is reduced each month. The refund price, which is currently set as of the day of activation of your PV system, then remains in effect for 20 years. Do not waste any time!

The freedom of electricity costs will double with an energy management program

With S-Tech Energie GmbH, you can boost your own electricity efficiency by up to 70%. This intelligent energy management system guides the solar power generated by your PV system to an area from which you can profit the most. This may be for consumption of your own electricity in your house, for built-in storage or to the national grid. S-Tech Energie GmbH simply and efficiently enhances your flexibility regarding the use of the electricity you generate.

- The storage and load management increase their own levels of consumption and therefore help to reduce energy costs.
- Become increasingly detached from energy suppliers and price increases.
- Meets EEG requirements.



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